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Christmas Lights Installation

Save Yourself Time and Hassles by Letting a Pro Hang Up Holiday Lighting

Nobody wants to be the Scrooge on the block whose home isn't decorated for the holidays, but amidst the ceaseless activity between Thanksgiving and Christmas, many people simply can't find the time to transform their home into a Winter Wonderland. If you're too busy to put up lights this holiday season - or simply don't want to climb up and down a ladder in cold weather - hire a professional who'll install holiday lighting in time for the festivities and take it down when the party's over.

Reasons to Hire a Pro for Holiday Light Installation

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for many Americans, and there's no shame in outsourcing one of the many tasks on your Christmas to-do list. Aside from a hectic schedule, reasons to call on a light hanging service this year include the following:
  • Safety: Although you may not go through the ordeal that Clark Griswold did while hanging lights in Christmas Vacation, there's no denying that the task requires spending time on a ladder in areas that can be difficult to access. When you consider that one slip could mean a miserable Christmas and beginning to the new year, paying a pro a few hundred bucks to string up lights is a worthwhile investment.
  • Quality: Hanging lights is something you do once annually. A company that specializes in this service, however, has done it hundreds of times. By hiring one, you can be sure that your lights will not only be the envy of the neighborhood, but will also be properly installed to minimize the risk of an electrical fire.
  • Warranteed Service:If a bulb breaks or burns out or something else goes wrong with your self-installed Christmas lights, you'll be the one that has to get back on the ladder and deal with it. Many professionals, however, provide a warranty on their installation and will return to fix any problems.

Christmas Light Installation Costs

  • Keep in mind that every company has slightly different pricing and policies. Some, for example, provide lights and decorations (for a fee), while others expect you to provide them. Rates are typically determined by the number of lights to be hung and their location (height is the main factor, but placing lights on trees may also be more expensive), although the actual time it takes to complete the job also plays a major role in pricing. A company might have a minimum service charge of $150 to $300, and you can also expect to pay a separate charge for light removal.
  • Most homeowners pay $300 to $600 for holiday light installation, although bigger jobs (whether due to a more complex arrangement, a bigger home, or both) could easily cost $1,000 to $2,000or more.
  • Depending on where they're placed (i.e. ground level vs. 1st story vs. 2nd vs. the roof), it might cost $1.00 to $5.00 per linear foot to install Christmas lights.
  • Installing Christmas lights on trees might cost $75 to $200 per tree depending on its height, girth, and branch configuration.
  • The cost to remove lights is typically half of what it cost to install them (if you spent $500 on installation, for example, you'll pay $250 for removal).
  • Discounted rates are often available prior to Thanksgiving. If you wait until after Thanksgiving, when companies are busy, expect to pay full price.
  • Installing LED Christmas lights, which use less energy than traditional lights, will help to offset a higher holiday electric bill.

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