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Shed Roofs

Protect the Contents of Your Shed With a Quality Roof

A shed roof not only safeguards what's inside, but also stabilizes the structure by tying the four walls together. With some of your most expensive tools and toys stored inside the shed - everything from hand tools to gas-powered equipment to recreational vehicles - letting the roof become dilapidated could prove to be a costly oversight.

Types of Shed Roofs

In terms of function and construction, a shed roof is essentially no different than the roof of a house. Nevertheless, the same homeowner who's willing to invest in a slate shingle roof for their house might think it's nonsensical to install a similar roof on their shed when a couple of plywood sheets, some 2 x 6 boards, and asphalt shingles will do the job just fine.

While installing a high-end roof on a shed might be unconventional, it's by no means a waste of money. As with any home improvement project you get what you pay for with a shed roof, and spending more will result in a structure that performs and looks better than one covered by budget materials. With that in mind, use the following section to learn more about common roofing styles.

Roof Design

Gable Roof: The simple gable aesthetic adds to a very functional roof that is excellent at deflecting wind, rain, and snow accumulation. Hip Roof: Hip, or hipped, roofs have a very durable construction capable of withstanding the fiercest winds and the heaviest snow loads. Hipped roofs have eaves on all sides, a feature that allows gutters to be installed on the entire shed perimeter (important if you are concerned about water shedding). Gambrel Roof: The double-sloped design of a gambrel roof offers great protection against winds and heavy loads and corresponds equally well with a rustic or modern aesthetic.

Mansard Roof: A mansard roof has a double slope similar to a gambrel and it extends over the perimeter of the home like a hipped roof. Its framing design allows for maximum overhead storage.

Lean-to: By far the simplest roof design, lean-to roofing employs a single-directional sloped framing style. This is a very economical roof option but isn't recommended for areas prone to high winds and other severe weather.

Shed Roof Costs

The following prices are based on a typical 12 foot x 8 foot (96 square foot) roof. Actual shed roof costs vary widely according to the type of materials selected and local labor costs; the following figures should be used only as a general pricing guideline.

Roof Framing Costs

  • Hip, gable, and gambrel roofs are priced similarly; expect to pay $6 to $10 per square foot(roughly $600 to $1,000 for a 12 ft. x 8 ft. roof) for both labor and materials.
  • mansard roof costs $8 to $12 per square foot ($800 to $1,200) installed.
  • Lean-to roofs cost as little as $4 per square foot ($350 to $450) installed.

Roof Coverings Cost

  • Covering a shed roof with asphalt shingles costs $3 to $5 per square foot ($280-$480) including labor and materials, while a more expensive option such as slate tile can cost as much as $20 per square foot ($1,750-$2,250) installed.

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