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Neopost vs. Pitney Bowes Postage Meter

When purchasing any equipment for your business, you always want to look at more than cost. Obviously, sticker price plays a big role, but you won't see a lot of difference between postage meter providers when it comes to price. However, you do see differences in how they charge as well as customer service and special features. In this piece, we compare two of the most popular postage meter companies, Neopost vs. Pitney Bowes.

Pitney Bowes Postage Meters

For nearly 100 years, Pitney Bowes has helped organizations around the world keep the lines of communication open. Although based in Connecticut, the company has offices in over 100 countries and employs nearly 30,000 people. And, with more than $3.4 billion in annual revenues, Pitney Bowes has the kind of stability you want in a business partner. They also have the reach to negotiate great rates for their customers on both Standard and First Class postage.

Throughout its life, Pitney Bowes has been an industry leader in developing new technology to improve mailroom efficiency. The company designs metering products for everything from small offices to organizations that process thousands of pieces of mail in a single hour.

Pitney Bowes categorizes its machines according to low, mid, and high volume needs.
  • Low volume units process anywhere from 15 to 40 pieces per minute (ppm) depending on the model.
  • Mid volume units process from 65 to 180 ppm.
  • High volume models range from 205 to 310 ppm but also include stations capable of 22,000 pieces per hour.

Neopost USA Postage Meters

Headquartered in France and nearly as old as Pitney Bowes, Neopost USA offers customers cutting edge designs with the latest features. The company works with clients to determine the best meter and features for their individual needs. That means you don't pay for more machine than you need. And, Neopost representatives are happy to help you find ways to cut costs in your mailroom.

Neopost built its reputation by providing high quality equipment coupled with reliable software and award-winning customer service. Customers appreciate the fact that support doesn't end with the sale.

Mailroom equipment and supplies from Neopost include:
  • Document handling equipment
  • Postage meters and mailing systems
  • Folder inserters
  • Parcel lockers
  • Digital printers and addressing systems
In addition, software options include data management tools, automation tools, shipping and tracking solutions, and, of course, postage meter software.

How Much Do Postage Meters Cost?

Costs may vary according to deals and specials, as most postage meter providers offer monthly and quarterly specials. The following averages are intended to assist with budgeting.
  • Pitney Bowes mailstation2 processes up to 18 ppm. It includes a free 60-day trial. If you continue service, new customers get $100 in postage and a monthly rental fee of $19.99.
  • Pitney Bowes DM100 is another low volume unit that processes up to 30 ppm. New customers get a 60-day free trial and a monthly rental fee of $34.99.
  • Pitney Bowes DM200 processes up to 45 ppm at the monthly rental price of $65 per month for 12 months.
  • Neopost IS-280 includes a 2-pound scale and averages around $35 per month for offices processing around 10 pieces of mail per day.
  • Neopost IN-600 series is a mid volume line that averages around $60 per month to rent. Units process up to 175 ppm.
  • Neopost IN-360 offers up to 35 ppm with an average rental price of $48 per month
When offered, it's a good idea to take advantage of the free trial period. This allows you to determine whether the unit meets your needs before you sign a contract. If you choose not to continue, make sure you cancel BEFORE the trial period ends.

Additional Postage Meter Costs

In addition to the monthly rental (you can only rent a postage meter due to fraud concerns), a variety of secondary costs may add significantly to your monthly total. These include:
  • Ink for the meter and/or printer
  • Labels and adhesive tapes
  • Fees to reset the postage
  • Rental fees for scales, sorters, etc.
In addition, there is the cost of the postage itself. It's important to note, however, that customers who use a postage meter enjoy automatic savings on their postage, around 3 percent off the cost of a First Class stamp. You may get additional savings if your mailing reaches certain thresholds. Discuss these with the provider before signing on the dotted line. And, as always, compare quotes from multiple vendors to ensure you get the best price and level of service available.

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