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How Much Does A Rodent Exterminator Cost?

Some of them may look cute, but rodents bring with them the potential to spread disease and wreak havoc on your home. Rodents often nest in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and walls, damaging the structures of your home and likely getting into your food. When faced with a rodent problem, many people struggle to decide if they should attempt to take care of the issue themselves, or hire a professional to do so. In just about every circumstance, it is better to hire a professional rodent exterminator.

Doing it Yourself Rodent Extermination

If you have the knowledge of how to handle a rodent problem properly, you may decide to take care of the issue yourself. There are several different types of rodent traps available, but not all of them work for every situation. For example, if you have pets, it is better to not use poison or steel traps, as they can cause injury or death to your pet. Traps available to the average homeowner include:
  • Bait stations: These traps keep poison away from any children or pets, but leave it accessible to rodents.
  • Glue traps: Sticky pads that trap the rodent, leaving them to starve. Glue traps are considered incredibly inhumane and are often used only as a last resort.
  • Jaw traps: Rodent traps designed with serrated edges that mimic jaws. Jaw traps are highly effective.
  • Live traps: One of the most humane types of rodent trap, live traps tip forward as the creature enters, trapping the rodent inside. This causes no harm to the animal and allows you to release it far away from the home.
  • Snap traps: This is most likely what you picture when you think of a mouse or rodent trap; a wooden board with a pressure mechanism that causes a metal bar to snap shut on the rodent.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

It is definitely possible to solve a rodent problem on your own, but that doesn't mean it's the right decision. Doing it yourself means trial and error to find the right solution, all the while dealing with the damage and possible illnesses that rodent infestations bring. In addition to being surprisingly destructive, mice, rats, and other rodents are evasive and may spend far more time in your home than you want. Taking care of a rodent problem yourself can actually cost you more in the long run than hiring a professional.

When you consider the costs of repairing damage to your home and/or items, paying for various rodent traps, and the health hazards that both rodents and traps can present, it becomes easy to see the benefits of hiring a professional exterminator. A knowledgeable professional also performs a thorough inspection of your house, working to find every access point and vulnerable area to ensure every rodent is removed. They also complete an inspection after removing the pests and provide advice on how to prevent future issues.

Types of Rodent Treatments

Different exterminators may use different methods, but a good exterminator provides you with a range of options. Just about every exterminator uses some type of trap, so be sure to let them know if you have children or pets. Some also use poison, but not everyone is comfortable with that. If you want a humane method of rodent extraction, ask your exterminator about live traps and other methods that allow the animals to be captured unharmed. The exterminator should definitely be able to provide this for you. If not, don't be afraid to go with another service that has the options you want.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Rodent Exterminator?

Providing an exact cost for rodent extermination is difficult, as the number of rodents that need to be removed, points of entry, visits, and your location all affect the final price. If you do require multiple visits or a continued treatment program, an extermination service may offer a plan to come out to the home at regular intervals for inspections and extermination/removal. Here is a general pricing guide to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for a rodent exterminator:
  • An initial inspection to identify what pests are in your home, where the points of entry are, and (typically) set traps has an average cost between $90 and $250.
  • Once that has been completed, you receive an estimate for continued treatment, which includes traps, sealing entry points, clean up, decontamination, and repairs. This has an average cost ranging between $200 and $2,000, depending on the extent of the infestation and the size of your property.
Note that the higher the number of pests, the higher the cost. Cleaning and repairs also add significantly to your costs, especially if the rodents have damaged insulation, structural areas, or wiring. If your rodent problem does require a continued treatment program, be sure to ask your exterminator about all of your options. It is important that you are able to schedule a service that works to keep your home rodent-free without breaking the bank.

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