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How Much Does Residential Pest Control Cost?

The term "pest control" conjures a different image in the minds of different people. Some people think of bugs and insects when they hear the word pest, while others think about rodents and other animals. In truth, a pest is any animal, insect, or wildlife that invades homes or businesses, causes damage, or is just generally unwanted. Pest control is the process of managing said pests, which can either be accomplished through extermination or live removal.

Pest Control Services

Professional pest control services help you determine whether pests have entered your home, what type of pest they are, and the possible courses of action you can take. A professional performs an inspection that provides all of this information for you. From there, they find out where the pests are entering the home and seal off all entry points, including areas that are difficult to reach.

A professional pest control company deals with any pests that remain in the home, removing and/or exterminating the creatures. From there, they advise on any damage that may have been caused and ways to prevent future problems. If regular visits and treatments are necessary, a professional will do this, as well.

The treatment method used depends on the severity and type of pest problem you have, as well as your preferences on treatment. Always be sure to let an exterminator or pest control service know if you have pets or small children, as different treatments can be harmful to both. Some companies use baits, poison, or traps, but if you prefer a more humane method of pest control, they should be able to provide that as well. Don't be afraid to find another service if one does not work for you.

The main goal of pest control is to remove the offending party and minimize any damage that has been or will be done. You should act on any type of pest problem as soon as possible to avoid structural damage to your home or business, or the spread of illness.

How Much Do Residential Pest Control Services Cost?

The cost of residential pest control depends on the severity of your pest infestation, the type of pest, and the company you hire. On average, homeowners spend around $200 to $300 on pest control services. Here is a pricing guide based on pest type to provide an idea of what you can expect to pay for residential pest control services:
  • Ants: There are multiple types of ant, with the type invading your home directly tied to the cost of removing them. Regular ant removal has an average cost around $250 to $350, but may cost as much as $1,000 for carpenter ant removal.
  • Bed bugs: These are difficult insects to locate, and not much easier to get rid of. Bed bug extermination has an average cost between $500 and $1,500.
  • Bees: Though more annoying than harmful, a bee infestation is still something you want to take care of quickly. Bee removal or extermination has an average cost between $100 and $300.
  • Cockroaches: One of the grosser insects humans have to deal with, cockroaches also present a serious health risk to people. The average extermination costs start at around $250 to $350.
  • Mice: These animals cause a lot of damage, get into food sources, and are generally unsanitary. Mice removal costs around $150 to $250 on average.
  • Rats: Similar to mice, but worse, rats also get into food, cause damage, and are known for carrying diseases. Rat removal has an average starting cost of $300 to $500.
  • Termites: Whether they be drywood termites or subterranean termites, these insects cause incredible damage to homes. Termite removal has an average cost of $500 to $700.
  • Wasps: Incredibly dangerous, wasps are one of those pests that should never be handled by yourself. Wasp extermination has an average cost between $200 and $500.
Remember that these are average prices. The more severe your pest problem is, the higher your costs for removal.

Leave it to the Pros

Though there are DIY remedies for most pest control situations, it is always better to contact a professional to do the job for you. Any type of pest issue may cause serious damage to your home or spread illness to yourself and family. To prevent an escalation, always act on a pest problem as soon as you notice an issue.

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