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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Used Semi-Truck?

Renting a used semi-truck is an ideal solution for those who need an extra vehicle, but not for an extended period of time. Though many people believe that it is always better to buy than to rent, there are some circumstances where renting is the better option. Whether you're an independent driver or a business owner with a fleet of trucks, renting offers a plethora of benefits.

Semi-Truck Rental

To start, it is important that you understand the difference between leasing and renting. Leasing a vehicle is a long-term contract, usually a minimum of a year. Renting is a short-term deal, typically paid for on a per-day basis for the duration of the rental. In short, a lease is a long-term contract and a rental allows you to use a vehicle for a few days or weeks.

Semi-truck rental is recommended for those who have a short-term need for an extra truck or trucks. For example, let's say your business has to move a higher than normal product load, or you're an independent driver whose truck is in the shop. Rather than outright purchase a used semi-truck, you can rent one for only the time-frame you need it. This offers significant savings and keeps you from purchasing equipment you don't really need. Why buy an entire truck when you only need to use it once or twice?

Renting offers an immediate solution, allowing you to pick the truck you need and drive away with it the same day. Not only that, but renting usually gives you access to well-maintained, properly cared for vehicles. Most rental companies also cover any required maintenance or servicing, and many provide roadside assistance should it be needed over the course of the rental.

However, it must be noted that if you need a long-term solution or require a permanent vehicle, renting is not the way to go. In that case, you are better off buying or leasing your used semi-truck, as renting is purely a temporary arrangement.

How Much Does Renting a Used Semi-Truck Cost?

It is difficult to provide an exact cost for renting an used semi-truck, as there are multiple factors that affect the final price. The length of the rental agreement, age of the truck, type of truck, and the company you rent through all play a role in determining your total cost. That being said, what follows is a general pricing guide broken down into the three main types of semi-truck rentals.
  • A single axle conventional day cab, which is recommended for city and local deliveries and has a weight capacity of 65,000 pounds, has an average rental cost between $170 and $200 per day.
  • A tandem axle conventional day cab, which comes with larger fuel tanks and a weight capacity of 80,000 pounds, has an average rental cost between $185 and $200 per day.
  • A tandem axle conventional sleeper, which is designed for comfort on long drive, has double-bunk sleepers, and a weight capacity of 80,000 pounds, has an average rental price between $210 and $215 per day.
Remember that these are average, general prices. The company you rent through and the age and condition of the vehicle play a large part in determining your cost.

Additional Cost Considerations

Though the cost of the vehicle itself is a primary concern and maintenance is covered by the rental company, there are other costs you must consider when looking to rent a used semi-truck. To ensure you fully understand what you'll be spending and the costs associated with renting a used semi, make sure to budget for:
  • Environmental fees: If you find yourself transporting materials that are considered harmful to the environment (such as petroleum products, oils, or solvents), expect to pay an environmental fee. These fees average between $5 and $10 per day.
  • Fuel: The cost of fuel primarily depends on your area, as prices fluctuate from place to place. On average, you can expect to pay between $3 and $5 per gallon of fuel.
  • Trailers: A semi-truck is just the vehicle aspect of the truck, or the part that actually tows the cargo. You still need a trailer to transport materials. If you do not have one, then you will need to rent one in addition to renting a truck. There are several types available, with costs averaging between $45 and $110 per day.
It is also important to consider the cost of insurance. However, these costs are entirely determined by the level of coverage provided and the insurance company itself.

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