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How Much Does an Intouch GPS Fleet Tracking System Cost?

InTouch GPS fleet tracking systems are a combination of cutting edge technology and intuitive software that allows you to easily manage and monitor your fleet. No matter the industry you're in or the size of your business, InTouch lets you track your drivers and vehicles at any time from any location. The company works to improve the efficiency and the safety of your fleet through comprehensive analytics and maintenance features.

Benefits of an InTouch GPS Fleet Tracking System

All fleet tracking systems should improve upon your operations, positively impacting your bottom line through increased productivity. InTouch GPS systems offer a host of benefits to achieve these goals, such as:
  • Alerts: InTouch GPS fleet tracking systems allow you to customize alerts for specific incidents and have them sent in real time via email or text message. Whether a driver is speeding, exits a geofence, or gets into an accident, InTouch GPS lets you know so that the appropriate action can be taken as soon as possible.
  • Cost reduction: A tracking system offers several ways to reduce or eliminate certain costs. For example, you can view your current routes to see whether changes can be made that would cut down on fuel consumption and overtime expenses. InTouch GPS also allows you to see the exact hours worked by a driver to ensure fair and accurate payroll.
  • Employee management: An InTouch GPS tracking system lets you know exactly where your drivers are when they're out and about, away from base. It helps keep drivers honest and ensures they are taking the proper safety precautions, because they know they are being monitored. It also cuts down on unnecessary tasks and stops, thereby increasing productivity.
  • Scheduled reports: With the analytics functions of InTouch GPS systems, accurate and detailed reports are at your disposal. Schedule weekly or monthly reports for specific metrics, or just run a report to see what numbers or performance metrics were for the day. This feature keeps you on top of your business and provides insight on what can be improved.
  • Vehicle maintenance: In addition to monitoring vehicle locations, InTouch GPS systems allow you to look at vehicle health diagnostics. This gives you an opportunity to see if any vehicles are being driven or maintained improperly. It also makes it easy to schedule and perform preventive maintenance so that costly repairs are avoided.

How Much Do InTouch GPS Fleet Tracking Systems Cost?

InTouch GPS is different than most other fleet tracking systems companies, in that they do not require any long-term contracts. Rather, they provide the hardware and charge based on a month-to-month service agreement, with asset tracking options coming at an additional cost.

The company offers two free hardware types: three-wire universal or plug-in. Both install in just about any vehicle and come with free two- to three-day shipping, a lifetime warranty, and sim card activation.
  • Tracking service fees are based on month-to-month billing, with the first and final month's payment collected upfront. Monthly tracking services cost $24 to $30 per month, per vehicle.
  • A trailer tracker costs $100 to $150 per device, with a one-time $20 to $50 sim card activation fee.
  • An equipment tracker costs $50 to $250 per device, with a one-time $20 to $50 sim card activation fee.
  • Each additional asset costs another $12 to $20 per month.
Another aspect of InTouch GPS fleet tracking systems that is different when compared to solutions offered by other companies is their price guarantee. If InTouch GPS cannot offer you a better price for a solution that is comparable to that offered by another company, they will give you $500 to $750 to purchase the other solution. It should be noted, however, that since InTouch GPS fleet tracking systems are active (or real-time), the deal is only honored if the competing company's system is also active.

Additional GPS Fleet Tracking Considerations

Although cost is important, it is far from the only factor to consider when deciding whether to purchase an InTouch GPS fleet tracking system (or one offered by any other brand). InTouch GPS does not have a minimum vehicle requirement, which when combined with their pricing structure, makes them an ideal choice for small or starting businesses. And while their month-to-month payment structure works well for some, there are businesses that may prefer a more solid, long-term contract setup. It is extremely important that you consider every factor of a GPS fleet tracking system before you make your final decision.

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