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Garage Organizing Systems

Get Organized With A Space-Saving Storage System

A garage is a fantastic storage space for tools, paints, lawn equipment and the like that don't belong inside the living space of a home, but they quickly become cluttered and disorganized. There are systems available that can make sense of the chaos and help your garage stay organized for good. This buying guide discusses the different organizing system options as well as the associated costs of each.

Plan Your Garage Storage Needs

Any good garage organizing system needs to be planned out in advance. What are you looking to store? What is the main purpose of the garage? These are important questions needing an answer before any work begins.

For instance, will the garage be the primary space for one or more cars? Many people choose to store their cars just outside and use this space as a workshop or additional storage space stacked floor to ceiling with clutter. Having an idea of what the primary purpose of the garage is will determine your organizing needs.

Types of Garage Organizing and Storage Systems

No matter what your storage needs, you are most likely going to employ at least one of these methods to organize your garage:
  • Shelving: There are various types and sizes of shelving available to suit every customer's needs. Metal, plastic, PVC and wood shelving are commercially available in various widths, lengths, and heights. Single shelving units can be purchased with 2 or more brackets and a shelf attached to a wall, or an entire self-standing unit is available that is completely customizable in terms of separate shelf heights.
  • Cabinets: This garage storage option is similar to shelving in terms of customizability in length, width, height, and stand-alone capabilities with one exception - doors. The addition of doors helps hide an "organized mess" that would normally be seen on shelving units. Cabinets are available in wood, metal or plastic.
  • Pegboards: These are extremely useful in any garage organization project. They typically come in 4' x 8' sheets and can be easily cut to fit any shape or specified dimension. Metal pegs of various sizes fit into the pegboard to hold anything from snow shovels, garden hoses, carpentry hand/power tools - basically anything you would find in a garage.
  • Overhead Storage: This type of garage organization system is ideal for items used infrequently or seasonally such as camping gear, Christmas lights and decorations, and the like. Overhead storage systems are available as a permanently mounted system or an electrically powered mobile system for ease of access.

Garage Organizing System Costs

The following prices are based on national averages; contracting and materials rates are affected by local and state laws and will affect the final cost paid by the client.
  • Typical shelving unit costs range from $20-$30 for a single 12" wide by 4' long shelf to $100-$200 for an entire self-standing unit. Larger single shelves 18-24" wide longer than 4'might cost as much as $80. Expect a professional to charge $30-$60 per shelf depending on the size.
  • Garage cabinet storage units cost $50-$600 depending on the size, width and material. A small plastic overhead cabinet will cost $50-$75, while a large metal 2-door self-standing cabinet will cost $600. A professional may charge $40-$70 to hang a cabinet.
  • 4' x 8' pegboard costs $30-$40, while associated pegs may double costs. A professional will charge $30-$60 to hang pegboards, depending on the amount of cuts needed.
  • Overhead storage units cost between $100-$500 depending on the size and options. A small, fixed unit will cost $100-$150, while a large, motorized unit can top out at $500Hiring a professional to perform installation may cost anywhere from $100-$300 depending on ceiling height and difficulty of installation.

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