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Garage Door Repair

A Simple Fix Can Get Your Garage Door Back on Track in No Time

Garage doors routinely get banged, nicked, and scratched - and sometimes, they simply stop working due to overuse. Quickly identifying the problem and having it repaired is vital for ensuring your home remains easy to access for you and difficult to access for would-be crooks.

What Goes Wrong: Basic Garage Door Problems

A typical garage door not only has many moving parts, but is used daily and exposed to the outdoors. As a result, numerous things can go wrong: bottoms can rot from water or rodent damage, collisions from cars can necessitate panel replacement, and a lack of routine maintenance or everyday wear and tear can cause parts to fail. Specific problems common to garage doors include the following:
  • Garage door springs, which are usually designed to last an average of 10-15 years, often break from rust, wear, and overuse. If you find yourself replacing one spring, it's a good idea to replace both, as there's a good chance the other spring will fail in the near future.
  • Debris caught in the track or rollers may cause the door to "jump" the track. Door tracks also dent easily, often limiting garage door movement.
  • Dented or damaged garage door panels are either banged or popped out when the door is constructed from metal. Wooden garage door repairs, on the other hand, are a bit trickier. In the case of simple surface damage, wood filler and paint can often get the job done. Major damage, however, may require replacing a panel or even the entire door.
  • Garage door hinges are susceptible to rust, corrosion and impact damage. They must be lubricated regularly and checked for wear and tear. A damaged hinge should be replaced immediately to avoid further complications.
  • Automatic garage door openers often need to be repaired or replaced (read more about garage door opener repair here).
Routine maintenance is a must if you want to avoid costly repairs or the purchase of a completely new garage door. All moving parts should be inspected and lubricated frequently. For a recommended maintenance schedule, consult the manufacturer of your garage door.

Garage Door Repair Costs

Prices for garage door repairs average $200 to $300 nationwide. But depending on what, specifically, went wrong with your door, actual repair costs can vary significantly. Below is a breakdown of common garage door repairs and how much they might cost.
  • Repair companies typically charge $85 to $95 per hour of labor. Because most companies charge a minimum of one hour, expect to pay at least $85 for any repair.
  • Spring repair costs $150 to $300 per spring and takes 1-2 hours to complete. Larger than average door (above 7' tall) springs are on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Track and roller repair costs average $85 to $200, including labor. Expect to pay a bit more if one of your tracks requires replacement.
  • Garage door cables cannot be repaired, making replacement your only option. A new cable runs around $20 to $30; with labor expect to pay $110-$160.
  • Hinge replacement generally costs $130 to $150 for a single hinge, including labor. For each additional hinge, expect to pay $60 to $80.
  • Panel repairs can cost as little as $75 to $100 for superficial damage such as nicks, scratches, or dents. If you need to replace a panel, expect to pay more. 9 foot panels cost $250 to $500installed. 16 foot panels generally cost $400 to $700 installed. High end aluminum and custom wood garage door panels can cost $1,000 or more.

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