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Building a Garage

Make Your Home Life Easier and More Enjoyable With a New Garage

A garage is a very important and useful part of a home. Those with one will tell you they can’t imagine life without one. They not only store and protect cars and other valuables but provide a heated workspace (if you choose to have it heated). We discuss the options you have when considering having a garage built as well as the costs associated with this project.

Why Should I Build a Garage?

There are several advantages to building a garage, whether attached to your house or a separate detached building. They include:
  • Safety and Security: Keeping your car(s) off the street and inside a garage is an extra layer of protection from thieves and vandals. It also is a much more secure environment for tools and lawn equipment typically stored in a shed.
  • Protection from the Elements: Instead of parking your car in the street and running for cover from the rain and snow while entering your home, you can simply use your automatic garage door opener to enter the garage and your home without leaving your car.
  • Storage and Workshop Space: Besides basements and attics (which often are not best suited for workshops), most homes have little storage room. A garage with a loft or extended ceiling offers valuable storage space and/or a workspace for a mechanic, carpenter, or other tradesman.
  • Added Living Space: With a lofted garage, you can finish the loft into extra finished living space such as an extra bedroom or even a studio apartment which can put extra revenue back into your wallet.

Popular Garage Upgrades

In addition to a generic garage plan, several add-ons are available to make your garage more attractive and useful.
  • Decorative Garage Doors
  • Automatic Garage Door Openers
  • Workshop Slop Sinks
  • Garage Bathrooms
  • Garage Organizing Systems

Garage Construction Costs

The following prices are based on national averages only; exact materials and labor costs will vary slightly depending on your exact location and the company chosen to perform the job.
  • Costs per square foot vary widely for this project depending on the type of materials chosen, if there is heat and/or plumbing present, and whether or not this is a two-story structure. A one-story, economically constructed garage typically costs $50-$60 per square foot of floor space. For a typical one-car garage with 200 square feet of floor, this will cost $10,000-$12,000.
  • A more elaborate 2-story garage with heating, plumbing, and a large attic for storage or future living space may cost as much as $120 per square foot, or $24,000 for the typical sized 200 square foot garage.

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