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Red Oak Flooring

A Popular Flooring Option for Any Room in Any Home

Red oak is one of the most popular hardwood flooring options in recent years. Not only is it one of the most beautiful, but it is also extremely affordable as far as hardwoods go. This flooring buying guide breaks down the benefits of red oak as well as the costs associated with purchasing and professional installation of red oak floors.

Benefits of Red Oak Flooring

Red oak flooring is red to light brown with a darker grain color that gives oak flooring it’s unique look. Some of the benefits of this type of flooring include:
  • Durability: Oak as a species is an extremely durable wood that stands up well against constant foot traffic as well as scratching and denting from pets or falling objects.
  • Ability to be Refinished: Years of abuse can wear down a floor’s varnish and develop imperfections. Red oak floors are easily refinished with a light sanding and re-application of stains and/or varnishes.
  • Blends With Furniture: Chances are good that you have several items in your home made from oak already – dinner tables, chairs, bookcases, end tables, etc. A red oak floor perfectly fits any room’s décor, especially a room with existing oak furniture.

Oak Flooring Considerations

When purchasing red oak flooring, you are not limited to extravagant hardwoods – more economical engineered and laminated red oak floors are available for purchase as well. Click on the links above to find out what benefits engineered wood floors and laminates have over hardwoods.

There are several different types and grades of oak flooring available, which impact quality, appearance, and cost. The type of oak flooring depends on the way in which it was cut. Quartersawnboards tend to show more of a straight grain pattern with the characteristic and uniquely shaped metallury rays of oak trees. Plain sawn boards are more economical but tend to be less appealing as a flooring material.

Grades of oak flooring include clear, select, and common. Clear and select boards are most common among higher end flooring manufacturers due to the limited number of imperfections in select boards (they are nonexistent in clear grade boards). Many economical hardwood floors tend to be of the common grade, with knots and other imperfections typically found throughout each board.

Red Oak Flooring Costs

These prices are national averages only; actual costs will be slightly affected by the area of the country you currently reside.
  • Expect red oak hardwood flooring to cost $4-$8 per square foot depending on quality, grade, and thickness.
  • Engineered and laminate red oak flooring is available for $.70-$6 per square foot again depending on quality and thickness.
  • Installing red oak floors typically costs $3-$5 per square foot of floor space. Engineered wood floors and laminates are often able to be installed as floating floors, bringing labor costs down to $2-$4 per square foot.
  • Removal of an existing floor to install a new red oak floor will cost an additional $1-$4 per square foot, depending on the type of floor needing removal.

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