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Screen Doors Let the Fresh Air in While Keeping the Pests Out

An exterior home door is only one part of an entrance into a home - the other is a screen or storm door. These doors provide valuable functions that many homeowners without will attest. This buying guide discusses the functions screen doors perform, what to expect from an installation or replacement, and the associated costs of installing or replacing a screen door.

What Does a Screen Door Offer?

Screen doors provide a home with several valuable benefits. They include:
  • Screen doors allow large amounts of natural light indoors. This can help lower heating and cooling bills during temperate climates by heating the house with radiant sunlight.
  • They also promote air circulation which can improve air quality and allow hot air to escape during hot summer months while keeping mosquitos and other insects at bay.
  • A screen door is easily repaired, unlike other types of doors made of wood or glass. A repairman or even a handy DIY homeowner can replace a torn screen on a door in a few minutes.
  • Many screen doors are available as a storm/screen door combo with easily removable panes to prepare for different times of year.

Types of Screen Doors

There are quite a few different types of screen doors available on the market today, but 3 main categories. The options available are discussed below:
  • Hinged Screen Doors: These doors are hinged on one side of the door and latch on the other. They are available as a single door unit or a double door unit similar to french doors.
  • Gliding or Rolling Screen Doors: This type of door is typically found with a sliding glass door unit. It glides (a door with springs) or rolls (a door with rollers) along a top and bottom track and latches on the same side as the sliding glass door.
  • Retractable Screen Doors: Fairly new on the market, these screen doors are stored in a rolled up canister attached to one side of the door and are pulled to the other side and attached with a high powered magnet or latch to create a screen seal.

Screen Door Installation/Replacement Costs

These prices reflect national averages only - actual costs will vary slightly depending on the area of the country you live and the contractor chosen to perform the work.
  • Purchasing a screen door costs anywhere from $20 to $300 depending on the type, size and quality of the door. An economical hinged, gliding or rolling unit can be found for $20-$40, while higher quality units can cost as much as $150.
  • Retractable screen doors start at $100 and can be as much as $300 depending on the size of the area needing to be screened.
  • Installing a new screen door costs $50-$150 depending on the size and the unit selected to install. Replacing an existing screen door adds $20-$50 to the total cost for removal and disposal of the old door.

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