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Storm Doors

Let the Light In Without Worrying About the Temperature

A storm door is an essential part of a home. It protects your home as well as providing additional benefits, each of which saves a homeowner valuable time and money. This storm door buying guide discusses these benefits as well as providing additional information including expected costs associated with buying and installing storm doors.

Benefits of a Storm Door

Storm doors are useful on a home for several different reasons. They include:
  • Insulation: A properly installed and weather-stripped storm door creates an airtight seal between itself and the exterior door, providing an additional layer of insulation between the elements and your home.
  • Security: Storm doors offer an additional lock that criminals must get through before entering your home. While it won't deter the most determined thieves, it may slow them down enough for your additional security measures to work.
  • Protection from the Elements: A storm door is typically made from metal and tough exterior glass designed for outdoor use. It protects woodwork around the door as well as your exterior door from unnecessary abuse.
In addition to the above mentioned benefits, most storm doors are dual use storm/screen doors through the use of removable panels. A glass panel is installed in the fall and winter months (creating a "storm" door), while a screen panel replaces the glass unit once the weather has sufficiently warmed.

Storm Door Construction

There are several different types of materials and types of doors commercially available. Materials used include:
  • Metal
  • Composite Plastics
  • Wood
The types of doors available include:
  • Full View Doors: A single solid piece of glass extends from the top door rail to the bottom rail, allowing the maximum amount of light in. These doors are typically constructed with tempered or laminated glass to protect from shattering.
  • Half View Doors: These storm doors have a solid bottom and one or more panes of glass at waist height to let light in. This is the most common type of storm door.
  • Security Doors: Storm doors that double as security doors are often constructed from stainless steel or another strong metal and are often found with solid bars running the length of the door. A solid pane of glass sits behind the bars to allow light to pass through.

Storm Door Purchasing and Installation Costs

The following prices are compiled from national averages and as such, your exact costs may be slightly higher or lower than those presented based on your location.
  • Purchasing a storm door costs anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on the type of door and the glass used. An economical half-view door with stock glass costs $50-$100, while a high-end full-view or security door with tempered glass will cost $200-$300.
  • Expect to pay $50-$150 to install a storm door depending on the difficulty of installation and the presence of an existing door. A small surcharge will be added to dispose of the old door.

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