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Get Cleaner Windows With Fewer Hassles by Hiring a Professional

Professional window cleaning is an affordable service that keeps you from having to spend hours climbing up and down a ladder, standing in uncomfortable positions, and inhaling dust, chemicals, and other debris. When the job is completed and you're enjoying unclouded views of the outdoors, you'll probably admit that the price you paid was well worth it.

Professional Window Cleaning: How it Works

Although different companies approach window cleaning in slightly different ways, you should generally expect a cleaning company to perform a thorough cleansing of not only the window panes and screens, but also the tracks and sills.

While clean screens and frames are important, clean glass makes the most notable impact on a home, and it is here that professional techniques pay dividends. Rather than over-scrubbing, which results in dirt merely being pushed around and the creation of a static charge on the glass that can attract particles, a pro, using proper squeegees, sponges, and liquid soap, will rub the panes down and then wipe them clean. For windows with mineral stains, a cleaner might use fine steel wool and a special acidic cleaner to power away the deposits. A clear polymer coat may additionally be applied to keep stains from coming back.

Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company

  While window cleaning is a job most homeowners are physically capable of doing, actually performing the task is much easier said than done. Aside from saving you time and effort, professional window cleaners offer the following benefits:
  • Cleaner Windows: Because they use the best cleaning supplies and have extensive experience, professionals can get your windows cleaner than you ever could in a fraction of the time.
  • Improved Indoor Environment: Clean, clear windows allow more light into the home. This provides additional ambiance year-round, which you'll appreciate for enjoying views of the outdoors, reading, gardening, and whatever else you do around the home. And in the wintertime, the extra light can help lower your utility bills.
  • Safety: Although residential window cleaning doesn't involve the Spiderman-esque antics of high-rise commercial cleaning jobs, washing windows from atop a ladder, especially if you're not used to being on one, is risky nonetheless.

Window Cleaning Costs

The actual cost of window cleaning depends on a number of factors, including the number, types, sizes, and height of the windows, the actual services performed, local labor and material costs, and more.
  • Most window cleaning jobs cost $100 to $500, although smaller jobs might cost as little as $50 to $100, and larger jobs could cost $600 or more.
  • The way in which a cleaning company assesses charges may vary. You might be billed:
    • Hourly ($30 to $60 per hour)
    • Per pane ($2 to $8 per pane)
    • Per window ($4 to $16 per standard window; more for larger windows and those with a more complex design, such as French panes)
    • flat fee based on the square footage of your home
  • The cost to clean screens, sills, and tracks, if not included in the estimate, could cost an additional $1 to $5 per screen/per sill and track
  • Additional services, such as adding a protective coating to windows, power washing siding, and cleaning gutters will cost more, but you may be able to bundle them at a discounted price.

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