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Rest Easy Knowing Your New Windows Are Made By Pella

Are you thinking of replacing your old, drafty and outdated windows? Or perhaps you're designing a brand new dream home and are researching the options available for high quality windows. In either instance, Pella windows are unparalleled in their style, beauty and function. This window buying guide brought to you by Home Improvement Educator breaks down the different window options available from Pella as well as the associated costs with buying and installing them.

Types of Windows Available

Pella offers windows in the following styles:
  • Single Hung Windows: Two sashes of the same size installed in a frame allowing the bottom sash to move up and down along frame tracks.
  • Double Hung Windows: Two sashes of the same size are both able to slide vertically up and down along a frame. Tilt-in options allow easy exterior cleaning access.
  • Casement Windows: Available as a single unit, a tandem pair or a larger 3, 4, or 5 unit design, these windows open outward along a horizontal place with the use of a hand crank or motorized device.
  • Awning Windows: These windows are similar in style to casement windows except that they open outward along a vertical plane. They are often found in bathrooms and as accents above doors and other types of windows.
  • Sliding Windows: These are similar to single and double hung units. The windows slide on a track instead of opening outwards, but they slide horizontally along the frame. One of the two windows is typically fixed, however.
  • Bay Windows: These units are typically made of 3 or more windows installed in dining rooms or living rooms to add a stately appearance. One or more of the windows is typically fixed in position.
  • Fixed (Picture) Windows: Pella offers fixed windows in nearly any size and shape imaginable.

Why Pella?

Pella offers several advantages over the competition. They include:
  • Customization: Pella manufacturers can construct windows according to your specific needs. Sizes, shapes, colors, and hardware are all made-to-order at an economic price.
  • Materials: Pella offers windows in a variety of different materials, from natural wood to environmentally friendly fiberglass and vinyl (often made from recycled or reclaimed products). Vinyl and fiberglass windows are available in a wide range of colors to fit any home color scheme.
  • Glass Options: Pella windows offer several glass types, from impact-resistant, tempered, laminated and tinted glass to provide the best in durability, energy efficiency, and comfort.
  • Service: Besides their hundreds of locations nationwide and showrooms in nearly every major city across the country, their customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any problems their customers may have.

Pella Window Costs

Pella window prices are fairly consistent across the country; however, specific state and local taxes are not taken into account. Installation costs assume a typical install or replacement; extenuating construction circumstances or unusually difficult installation will raise costs significantly.
  • Most Pella window types start at $100-$150 for a small, mid-grade unit. Costs rise steadily with the size of the window. Bay windows and custom windows are more expensive, with a small bay window unit costing $400-$600. Custom windows can cost as little as $300 or as much as $1,000 or more depending on the size and manufacturing difficulty.
  • High-end Pella windows with specialty glass (tinted, impact-resistant, tempered, or laminated) raises window costs by 75-100% in most cases.
  • New window installations cost as little as $100-$150 per window (not including bay windows, which are slightly more at $200-$300 per unit).
  • Replacing your current windows with Pella windows raises installation costs to as high as $300 per window. Bay window replacement can cost as much as $400-$500.

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