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How Much Does a Toshiba Phone System Cost?

Toshiba Inc.’s Telecommunication Systems Division holds a strong market share in the telecommunications industry, owing to their award-winning products and excellence in business communication solutions for small enterprises all the way up to large corporations.

Upgrade an old system with high quality a la carte Toshiba items such as headsets, handsets, cabinets, and digital conferencing consoles, or find a completely new business telephone solution for Internet Protocol (IP), Voice over IP (VoIP), or cloud-based phone systems, as well as provisions for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking, video collaboration, and mobile use. For the Strata CIX IP phone system series, Toshiba’s trademarked FeatureFlex allows unparalleled customization for systems used in countless business applications including government, retail, education, manufacturing, call centers, and more.

Toshiba business phone products are designed for easy migration, so upgrades and expansion cost less. This helpful feature is also a part of Toshiba’s suite of initiatives to limit e-waste, companion to their recycling program and line of green built phones. On the whole, Toshiba phones consume 10 percent less energy.

Finally, a long list of telecom partners and SIP trunking partners ensures flexible integration of Toshiba systems for all types of business.

How Much Does a Toshiba Phone System Cost?

Strata CIX IP systems are great for small to medium businesses that plan to grow. The following are cost estimates for sample systems within the range of offered products.

At lower end of the series strata, the CIX40 costs around $3,000 to $4,000 new (expect to pay 50 to 60 percent less for used equipment) with the following features:
  • Four to 11 trunks or eight to 40 telephones depending on configuration chosen
  • Eight, 16, or 24 IP channels
  • Eight to 16 digital telephones
  • Net multi-system networking, call center, advanced voice mail, and auto attendant for multiple ports and much more
CIX100 is the next model up, with costs averaging between $3,500 and $6,000 new, including the following features:
  • 64 trunks or 72 telephones and combinations up to 112 trunks and telephones;
  • Fully expandable and upgradable;
  • Advanced voice mail applications, FeatureFlex customization, unified messaging and fax integration, Text-to-Speech (TTS), browser-based system administration, and much more
At the maximum level of IP phone system service, the CIX670 can cost approximately $6,500 to $10,500 with the following capabilities:
  • Up to 264 trunks or 560 telephones and combinations up to 672
  • Strata Net multi-system networking
  • Support for communication among branches and remote locations
  • Compatible with a full lineup of cordless and wireless telephones
  • Advanced functions such as unified communication and fax integration, FeatureFlex customization, call manager video conferencing, and much more

Toshiba IP Telephone Costs

These business phones pair with your Toshiba or other phone system to maximize office function and productivity. This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

IP Telephones

  • IP5132-SD: around $300 to $350
  • IP5122-SD: from around $250 (refurbished) up to $350 (new)

Digital Toshiba Phones

  • DP5130-SDL: approximately $350 to $400 (new)
  • DP5132-SD: from around $200 to $250 (used) to around $300 (new)
  • DP5122-SD: approximately $250 to $350
Note: The above phone prices are for individual units; prices are typically lower as part of a business phone system bundle. Ask a vendor for details.

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