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How Much Does an ESI Business Phone System Cost?

Estech Systems, Inc., commonly known as ESI, is a trusted designer and manufacturer of digital and IP phone systems for small- to medium-sized businesses since 1987. The ESI office telephone system increases productivity by connecting employees within an office or with other offices or branches across the globe. ESI phone systems are designed to be flexible so they grow with a business, which saves money and time on upgrades.

ESI phones and systems are known for ease of use, and every system includes their trademark verbal or spoken help attendant that says “good morning” and teaches you how to use it. Another feature that sets ESI apart from other business phone solutions is their use of digital signal processor technology, or DSP. A DSP is a specially designed microprocessor that performs complicated calculations much faster than other processors. This technology eliminates the need for multiple components and means faster, more sophisticated control over analog phone functions.

ESI Business Phone Options

ESI proudly designs and produces its systems’ hardware inside the United States, which, in addition to digital business phones and phone system equipment, includes media management, networking, and virtual presence management technologies. Popular ESI solutions for small to medium businesses include:

IP Communications Servers:

ESI manufactures five communications server models, the ESI-1000, the ESI-600, the ESI-200, the ESI-100, and the ESI-50, each with an overlapping array of features and user benefits. The systems vary according to call-handling and messaging capabilities, as well as the addition of optional features. ESI’s IP communications servers are compatible with a traditional digital business phone system, IP-based telephony, or a hybrid version.

ESI C-Plus Executive System:

This self-contained multi-line phone system is best for very small businesses that need a compact yet feature-rich communication system. Bear in mind that the ESI C-Plus executive system supports only digital cordless handset models. However, they can also be used with IP communications servers in the event that your business outgrows this system.

IP Communication Servers:

Meant to provide only a general guide to capability and price, models at each end of the spectrum of ESI communication servers are included. Check with retailers for additional pricing. All ESI IP Communication Servers include:
  • Voice mail
  • Automated attendant with six levels and 100 branches
  • Messages-on-hold
  • Enhanced caller ID
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Intelligent Call Forwarding™
  • Optional ESI Presence Management
  • Optional ESI Media Management
  • Optional ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration
  • Network-based VoIP telephony

How Much Does an ESI Business Phone System Cost?

For the ESI 50 phone system with support for:
  • 52 total stations (12 IP stations, 32 digital stations, and 8 analog stations)
  • 35 central office lines
  • Six voicemail ports (up to 60 voice storage hours)
  • 16 conference ports
  • And much more
Cost: Approximately $1,000-$1,500 For the ESI 50 phone system with support for:
  • 816 IP stations;
  • 504 digital stations and 384 analog stations;
  • 1,128 call-processing ports;
  • 240 central office lines;
  • 128 voicemail ports (up to 1,200 voice storage hours);
  • 64 conference ports;
  • And much more
Cost: around $4,000 Note: Above prices do not include business phones, adapters, or accessories. Check with retailers for savings on a bundled system price. The ESI C-Plus Executive contains:
  • Eight lines, 16 digital stations, and four analog ports;
  • 24 or 48 key digital feature phones with backlit displays;
  • Built-in voice mail with auto attendant;
  • Verbal User Guide (friendly spoken help);
  • Messages-on-hold;
  • Enhanced Caller ID
Cost: From $90 to $120 refurbished or about $300 to $500 new

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